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Love that distro  


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03/05/2018 2:12 pm  

At the risk of upsetting many Linux Gurus, I don't care what shell, kernel I’m using or what platform it is, Debian, Ubuntu, etc… Don’t get me wrong, I like to mess about a little and that’s why I’ve always been a fan of KDE distros. The choice for a newbie is hard because most of the frontends like Cinnamon, mate, etc… (even my beloved KDE) are all variations on the same theme. The only way I found to separate them was on their easy to install apps, Mint and Neon being my own personal favourites. I did try Elementary after seeing some good reviews, but I found it bland, uninspiring and unreliable. 

I happened across a comment that mentioned Deepin as their preferred desktop release. I have never heard the name, so I have just (against all advice) installed it as a virtual machine. It generally runs like a dream, though the updates, despite being configured to a UK server, are painfully slow. So we’ll just have to see if I can get round that. Beauty (like my comments on Elementary) is subjective, but I really like the look and feel of Deepin. I love the ease at which I have found this distro to pick up. Everything appears to be found exactly where you expect to find it. I understand that this is the developer’s goal and by heck they have hit it bang on...well done! I will have to keep Windows10 for all of the apps that are not available on this platform, but I have a feeling I am going to continue to be impressed by this distro. I have yet to use it in earnest, so only time will tell how stable it is. For now though, this is the only Linux distro that feels something new (to me anyway).

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04/05/2018 2:31 pm  

Hi thanks a lot for Your feedback. If You want updates to go a little faster try switching to German server I will try to send You a manual how to do it later. Don't know if You've tried the Crossover. It is preinstalled program designed for installing windows apps on Linux. Usually it is neccessary to buy a licence but in Deepin it is preinstalled as a full version. Maybe  installing all Your windows 10 apps  on Deepin is possible so You won't event need to own windows 10 anymore 🙂


If You have aby questions don't hestitate to write we will try to help You 🙂


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