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Nice os. Simple, fast, stable  


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03/05/2018 2:52 pm  

Gorgeous interface with a number of home-made apps. Deepin has its own file manager, its own terminal, its own media player, its own store, its own desktop, its own repositories, its own settings manager, its own screen recorder, its own voice recorder, its own screenshot tool, its own cloud client, its own boot maker for ISOs, its own calendar, its own driver manager... the list goes on. It really is the most all-inclusive, home-brewed Linux distro for people who want things to "just work". 

I have installed it on a few different types of devices, such as headless media boxes and laptops. Wi-Fi worked out of the box, and so did my laptop's soft keys for hardware control over things like Wi-Fi, mute, volume control, internet launcher, etc. 

I've had no problem using the Deepin store to install my favorite apps such as Kodi, Blender, Ardour, Sound Juicer, Synaptic Package Manager, and Firefox. Apps such as Steam, Spotify, WPS Office, and Chrome come pre-installed. 

Multiple desktops, beautiful included wallpapers, I just love this OS. I had been using Ubuntu for years, but I have completely wiped my laptops and they only have Deepin on them now, so I am a full-time Deepin user. I only took off one point from the DistroWatch Rating because currently, sometimes my Wi-Fi won't turn back on after closing my laptop lid, and I end up having to reboot. The admins of the Deepin community are looking into the issue, and if they can fix this, I can honestly say that this would be a completely bug-free, apology-free, no-nonsense system that I would recommend to techies and grandmas alike. It works great on old hardware as well. It uses far less resources than my previous distro, Ubuntu Gnome. I have an old XP era Compaq 8510p with a Duo Centrino and 2GB of RAM. I popped an SSD in the thing and this laptop is screaming fast. No problem streaming HD content or playing simple games.


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