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The best linux ever... ever  


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03/05/2018 2:29 pm  

The best looking distro in existence by a long shot! Gorgeous design and very satisfying user experience, everything's just so well thought out. Seems to be somewhat heavy on system resources, though.
Seems to be stable, everything's working on my Dell Latitude E7440. Hibernate/standby, resume from standby - everything fine. Touchscreen is also working. The packaged version of Skype was already outdated and did'nt work (the app crashed after I logged in). I replaced it with Skype Preview which is working well. The bundled packages seem to be somewhat dated overall. WPS office only supports two languages (Chinese and English), I tried to add other languages, but was not successful yet. WinSCP is also working thanks to Crossover 🙂 

The app store is rich and well maintained. Local mirrors for faster download speeds exist. Video playback is very smooth without the need for compton/compiz etc. (One of the big issues with all linux distros out there.) 

I've tested many distros and liked a lot of them, but this one really outshines them all and clearly deserves a 10.

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14/05/2018 10:21 pm  

Thank you very much !


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